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Google tells me there are a lot of other Brad Taylors out there on the 'net. There's a real estate tycoon Brad Taylor, porn star Brad Taylor, and Home Improvement Brad Taylor... but I am unfortunately not nearly as exciting as any of those guys. I live outside of Austin with my lovely and very patient wife Laurel, and our two creative, energetic children, Elliot and Audrey. I love to cook, and have a special place in my heart for barbeque. Having moved all over the country growing up - and especially after spending the past 12 years in Texas - I have developed a great appreciation for each region's strong opinions on how to cook and serve their 'que. I have yet to meet a smoked meat I haven't liked.

When not dreaming of BBQ, I'm usually near a computer or a camera. I have a passion for the marriage of art and technology. I remember playing games on the Commodore as a child and falling in love. Then, I saw Tron and became entranced by this new medium of computer graphics. I have a particular interest in how technology can be used to better our daily lives. I am a firm believer in working smarter instead of harder,and bring this philosophy to my day-to-day work in the development world.

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